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Welcome to our Gauntlet 2019 Monolith Productions Fundraising Page!

Monolith Productions returns once more to The Gauntlet to do battle at the table. This year we aim to raise funds for El Centro de la Raza a Seattle based civil rights champion fighting for equal rights and community growth for nearly 50 years. 

On May 19th in Bellevue, WA, Monolith will confront our foes in a battle of wits and skill. Though we are all seasoned tabletop duelists we still need your help. By donating to our cause and supporting the fantastic El Centro de la Raza you will help our team unlock various "Power-Ups" to gain the advantage against our opponents.

To lend us your aid, use the "Donation" button at the top of this page.

Donor Rewards!

There are four tiers your donation may fall into, $30+ , $50+, $100+, and $300+. Multiple donations from a single person will be cumulatively applied as a single sum, and each person can only belong to a single tier, the highest one they qualify for.
Once fundraising is complete we will contact everyone in a tier, starting with the highest donors of each tier, moving toward the lower donors. Each person gets to choose one thing from the list of that tier.
It's worth noting that each thing has a limited supply. If more people donate to a tier than there are things to give the overflow will get bumped down a tier (ties here will be broken by time donated). Those that overflow from the lowest tier will unfortunately not receive a reward (except our undying thanks, and the gratification of helping an incredible charity, of course).

Also - Keep an eye out! We will be adding rewards as we get them to give to you!

  • Infantry ($30+) : Limit 10
    • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Promotional Print: limit 5
    • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Download Code: limit 5
  • Captain ($50+) : Limit 15
    • Monolith Swag Bag: limit 10
    • Signed Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: limit 5
      • A signed, physical copy of the game that started it all on the platform of your choice (XBox One / PS4)
  • Warchief ($100+) : Limit 10
    • Signed Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Promotional Print: limit 5
    • Signed Middle-Earth: Shadow of War  Gold Edition: limit 3
      • A signed, physical copy of the game on the platform of your choice (XBox One / PS4)
    • Signed Batman: Arkham Knight poster: limit 1
      • Signed, framed, and sent by the great folks over at Rocksteady.
    • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Mithril Edition (PS4): limit 1
  • Overlord ($300+) : Limit 2
    • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Crossbow Prop: limit 1
      • Crossbow prop used in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War promotional materials, convention cosplays, etc. One-of-a-kind.
      • [image]
    • Monolith "Day with the Devs": limit 1
      • Participant must be 21 or over. Includes an exclusive studio tour of our offices in Kirkland WA (transportation not included, but we can provide directions), lunch with members of the team, and evening games with members of the Gauntlet team.

This event is sponsored by ENGAGE - Card Kingdom and Mox Boarding House’s charitable giving program. For more information on how to make a donation, please visit the team pages to show your support!


The Gauntlet trophy, in all it's glory!

Be sure to tag us on Twitter @moxboarding and use the official Gauntlet hashtag #MoxGauntlet when sharing about our event!

Watch the tournament unfold, live, on the Card Kingdom twitch channel!  Card Kingdom Twitch Channel

Thank you, generous donors, for making our event a success, year after year!  With your donations, we are able to create a measurable impact for the beneficiaries we hold near and dear to our hearts.  


                                                          -The ENGAGE Team

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